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And extract all emails listed in a file, crawl emails from a website and other very useful features, all for free!

A windows application that can extract the email addresses from a given web URL. The software recursively searches the email addresses from all the pages linked from the given url. This application can also search email addresses from the documents present in a folder, and when given this folder to software, it recursively goes through the files and sub-folders and extracts email addresses.


Extract emails from File:

Provide a file to the tool, and watch it extract all the emails possible from the file.

Crawl emails though Website(s):

Provide a website or multiple websites for the tool and watch it extract all the emails written on that website, coded, or tagged.

Autosave to file:

The Autosave feature allows you to save the extracted emails to a file for further use.

Email results:

Show and filter the email extracted results.

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