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We design and develop Enterprise Softwares, free small tools & software for your convenience. Satellite Telecom ERP, Internet Speed Test, Email Extractor, SAT Software, GPS Configuration & More.

Telecommunications & Satellite Network Design Consulting Services

We provide professional telecom engineering and IT consulting services. Consulting services to Cellular, Wireless, Microwave, Fiber-Optic, Leased T-1 Network, and Satellite Communications service providers.

Satellite Internet

We offer Satellite Internet Service for Africa

Our satellite communication is available all over Africa, Europe, and the Middle-East from more than 10 very strong Ku-band,
C-Band and Ka-Band satellite footprints offering high-speed internet services for fixed terrestrial and transportable application, plus maritime vessels application at sea and mobile land vehicles.

Long Range Wi-Fi

Smart antenna technology gives standard WiFi clients much longer ranges, larger area coverage, and the best indoor penetration

Who We Are

We are an innovative company. We offer flexible internet solutions across Africa. We have different types of Transportable VSAT devices also.  We develop exceptional and enterprise


for our clients. And we deal with state of the art  Ground Stations.

VSAT iFast

VSAT iFast

best and the most up-to-date Internet satellite access and high speed internet solution on the market Africa, Middle-East and North Africa.

Free Software

Free Software

Learn More and Check What’s Best Benefits You. Software can be use for limited time only.



Satellite modem 10,5 Mbps & 30 Mbps receiver unit Depending on the satellite & antenna size using the technology DVB-S2 ACM Allow to be set and activated 24/7 by yourself

What We Do

We provide internet solutions & tools.

Satellite Software

We design satellite softwares, ERP, BSS / OSS for satellite teleports, which help our clients to manage their teleport, their clients, their subscriptions, and much more.

Software Design

We develop tools and softwares for internet companies and clients, VSATs and many more small smart features tools providing it in trial mode and licensed mode editions.

About Us

We are your partners for growth.


We are capable to develop a reliable & stunning software design, time saver applications, clean code, customizable, and perfect layouts.


Our mission is to make internet and telecommunication solutions as easy and reliable as possible, making the world a really small place, which with a press of a button you can communicate from anywhere at any time, instantly.


We protect our values, which is communication, skills, technology, and creativity. We offer the greatest internet satellite communication and software development experience in the market.

Internet from Satellite

Internet Connection Through Satellite

we offer telecom Satellite consultancy and Telecom security consultancy specialized in satellite all over Africa


Geostationary Orbit


Medium Earth Orbit


Low Earth Orbit

UHF | L-Band | S-Band | C-Band | Ku-Band | Ka-Band


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