Who We Are

Who We Are

We are an innovative team located in UAE JLT/DMCC Dubai.

  • We do software & web development
    • In our portfolio we do have an application :
      Virtual manager/OSS/BSS/Logistics/ERP/CRM/Auto-Maintenance, Alerting & communicator.

What We Do

We are also promoting/Advising for our partner located in Brussels, all type of Vsat internet satellite solutions for any country in the world

They offer

Maritime vsat internet solution

They offer

All sort of mobility high speed satellite solution & service

We are promoting/Advising as well for the export all type of portable satellite equipment and services


Advisory/Consultancy Department

  • We do have as well an advisory/Consultancy department orientate all Telecom / satellite / Wi-Fi / VHF / UHF / SHF / Microwaves and Drone transmission (data, voice, video, telemetry/IOT)

All equipment and service promotion done via our different partners such as

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