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Satellite Internet Solutions for the World


   GLOBALTT, a Private satellite operator located south of Brussels Belgium(EU), provides all internet satellite solutions for Africa(mainly), the Middle East, Europe, Asia & Caribbean.

100% of all GLOBALTT‘s operations & management are on the same physical site, ensuring fast and quick action on any requests of our customers.

GLOBALTT uses and manages the bandwidth of more than 10 satellites to cover client’s area in L-Band / Ku-Band / C-Band /Ka-Band


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C-Band(SLA 99.99%)

A high-speed internet connection from GLOBALTT satellites. unlimited shared or dedicated access. Regulated by the fair usage policy. Free online monitoring.


Ku-Band(SLA 99.7%)

Unlimited shared or dedicated access where you have the volume unlimited and the speed has to be chosen.


KA-Band(SLA 95%)

High-Performance low-cost VSAT satellite for business users(SOHO & SME).


Operations while you are on the Move for {{mpg_country}}

Lightweight, slim & high throughput communication systems that connect nearly any vehicle. Low profile satellite tracking internet antenna.

Kymeta Ku-band | Vehicle IP VSAT 


50 Mbps Satellite IP for {{mpg_country}}

Kymeta flat electronic

Ultra-fast satellite acquisition. Super easy & fast to use, Deployment by non-technician, Electronic alignment (plug & play operation)

5 Mbps satellite ultra Mobility


The smallest VSAT enabling Quick Access is only 8kg. Get connected in under a minute. 3 hours battery time. Wi-Fi Ethernet.

10 Mbps Portable Satellite IP

vsat flyaway

Flyaway VSAT antenna is designed to move easily and be operational easily and quickly over satellite internet up to 50 Mbps. 


Maritime VSAT(50MBPS): Compact size & lightweight design satellite maritime VSAT unit. 60cm & 90cm satellite maritime antenna.

Kymeta VSAT: New way of connectivity for global maritime communications. Auto Pointing & very reliable lightweight & ultra-fast satellite acquisition 5Mbps/2Mbps  

Maritime markets supported: Super yachts | Commercial Shipping | Cruise Ships| Energy, Oil & Gas | Commercial Fishinh Pleasure Boating | Barges


Delivering Internet without Wires for {{mpg_country}}

Wi-FI Long Range

  • Wi-Fi 2.4 Ghz / 5 Ghz: 1.2 Km to 1.5 Km per BTS /Cell.
  • Repeater included for 10km radio link in 4.9 Ghz to 5Ghz

1.5 Km Radio Range

Wi-FI Outdoor

  • Designed to be used either as an access point with built-in back-haul for high-density user environments or as a point-to-point and point-to-multi-point bridge that delivers high-speed data internet in Wi-Fi protocol 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz

600m Radio Range



  • Indoor Wi-Fi solutions for your home and office environments
  • Connect with satellite internet & 

10 Mbps Satellite internet connection

DTH Diffusion for {{mpg_country}}

Satellite TV Broadcasting-Solutions

TV Production & Content We Broadcast over satellite

  • We are your broadcast flexible partner
  • We help you to reach your audiences by delivering video content solutions.
  • Customized to meet the needs of your market.
  • We are making content distribution and management simple

1.5 Km Radio Range


  • Contribution facilities
  • Play out or management the recording & the scheduling. 
  • Life linear Video TV broadcast
  • Life broadcast TV content for TV channel producers.
  • VOD over satellite
  • Cinema satellite video distribution
  • OTT over satellite
  • Video over IP.

Broadcast TV Over Satellite

MSS - Mobile Satellite Services for {{mpg_country}}


MSS - Satellite Phones

World wide global group communications service.

  • simple Push-to-Talk services
  • Two-way radio services
  • Android satellite phones
  • Dedicated SOS button phones 

MSS - Satellite Internet

Connect the world from where ever you need the internet

  • Super low-cost, single sim, dual mode hotspot.
  • lightweight & Durable 
  • Isathub. Thuraya We, Inmarsat BGAN, Thuraya IP+

MSS - Vehicle internet

Explore the world with reliable vehicle internet.

  • Solution for Internet, Email, Phone & FTP
  • Easy & Reliable connectivity on the road.
  • Portable auto-pointing satellite broadband 

MSS - Maritime Internet

Communications for sea operations.

  • Connect to smartphones & computers 
  • Write emails & make phone calls
  • New wave in satellite communications from sea

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